Who are we ?

The logo reflects the national colours of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, Red, White and Blue, the use of Blackpowder is symboliszed with a detonation, as well as PN (Poudre Noire) or BP (Blackpowder) and its safety class 1.1

The association was founded in April 2018 by some enthusiatic blackpowder shooters who represent Luxembourg as National Team on various international competitions.

Home of the Association is the City of Wiltz in the middle of the Ardennes of the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg.

The aim of the association is:
• to promote the interest of the use of historical firearms,
• organizing and participating in national and international competitions using blackpowder as propellant
• Organizing and participation of seminars and courses
• promoting the noble spirit of sports and culture
• establishing friendships with other enthusiasts.

The Muzzleloader and Blackpowder Shooter Association is actually administrated by:

Daniel Winandy; President & National Delegate to the MLAIC
Pit Kaiser; Vice President
Piet Vermaat; Treasurer
Muriel Putz; Secretary
Helmut Butzbach; Member
Horst Näkel; Member
Mildre Medina; Member